This project started with the goal of doing something for other people that they could benefit from doing, or having experienced. We wanted other people to be able to have someplace they could write, with ease.

This project started back in 2008, when Christopher wrote a journal app in perl, using a database to store the entries. While he has made the code that makes it possible available to everyone, not everyone has the technical skill required to set up such an extensive system.

Thus, this project was born to make it easier for people to have a good tool to use, that will do the job. You should feel privileged, because this tool has something his custom perl scripts doesn't have; which is the ability to edit an entry after you have saved it.

While, we will strongly discourage you from editing your journal entries, it is now possible. Hope you like it.

Have fun, as goals you should try to write at 50 words per minute, while writing at least 500 words per journal entry. If you practice, you can do a lot with it.


Christopher Thomas